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Crocheting For Beginners.

Easy crochet patterns.  Guess what! This is one of the most popular  Web searching requests related to crocheting.

Easy crochet patterns

According to the Craft Yarn Council of America crocheters and knitters usually follow a "smaller projects rule". Here are the most popular projects among all surveyed knitters/crocheters: scarves (86 %), hats(79%), baby blankets (63%), afghans (57%).

Many years ago I noticed a curious phenomenon. If people are not sure about some new things, they tend to exaggerate complexity of those. The same about crocheting skills. Indeed crochet is not  rocket science. -:) There are three basic crochet stitches  only which you have to know in order to make beautiful easy crochet designs (US terms): chain stitch (ch), single crochet (sc), and double crochet ( dc).

To crochet any other stitches, means just different combinations of the basic stitches  and the way you manage  your crochet hook and  yarn. Crocheting is very simple and forgiven technique. That's exactly what I am going to help you realize through this site.

Based on my more than 30 year experience in crocheting, I presented only information necessary to help you to see a BIG  PICTURE. Not overwhelming but quite enough to make you confident and your crocheting experience pleasurable.

So... do you want to enjoy all benefits of crochet, create beautiful designs in a simple way? Discover great techniques and approaches to do it easy? In majority of our designs we are are going to use only THREE basic stitches.  Sounds too good to be true? -:) Look at that  picture above. About 90% of stitches which I used to crochet them are our three basic stitches: ch, sc, dc.

Let's begin our "journey". At the moment site has just a few pages. Click the first picture below and follow the links at the bottom of each page. If you are new to crocheting, those links will keep you busy for a while. Meanwhile , new pages are coming.

How to Crochet. Beginner Basics

Easy Crochet Techniques

Simple Crochet Patterns

Is Crocheting a Hobby?

How do some people picture crocheting?There are some older ladies who have nothing to do. Peacefully sitting in their rocking chairs, stitch by stitch they make those easy crochet patterns. They remain faithful to their hobby during many years but nobody cares about results of their efforts.

Many times during the last two centuries hand-crocheting and knitting was announced out of fashion. From time to time our common sense whispers us that our favorite hobby is just waste of time. Can't we go to the store and buy those scarves and hats? What's the matter with that?

Hmm... Crocheting is not just a hobby. Did you know that a simple crochet hook and a ball of yarn can:

  • awake your creativity you have never suspected about
  • bring enjoyment from making things for others
  • make you be proud of the projects you've accomplished yourself
  • help you make new friends through your hobby. There are a lot of social  groups both on-line and in your neighborhood where people get together to  share their interest, help each other with their projects
  •  improve your health condition. Yarn crafts are well known for their therapeutic benefits, stress reducing qualities, strengthening immune system, and normalizing blood pressure.

That's why  a whole "army" of dedicated people around the world can be found  who are  involved in  crocheting or knitting.    -:)

Are you ready to join them?