Beginners Crochet. Crochet in Rounds.

Beginners crochet instruction for reading graphical charts guides you through the pattern while you crochet in rounds. What does it mean to crochet in rounds?

There are two major techniques to crochet a pattern:
1.Crochet in rows where each next row is parallel to the previous one.
2.Crochet in rounds. The very first row is worked  around a foundation chain connected into a ring. To connect beginning and the end of the row, we use a slip stitch. Every next row has greater radius and greater number of stitches in it than a previous one.

To advance to the next (with greater radius) round, we have to make a chain after slip stitch which connected previous row in a round.

Crocheting in round techniques is applied to crocheting a circle, triangle, rectangular, and any other shape design. All of them are based on the very same logic to crochet, which is described above. Theory is a great thing, but for beginners crocheters  practice is more important. Let's practice.

Beginners Crochet Manual for Reading Charts in Rounds.

Crochet in Rounds. How to read crochet charts.

Let's analyze our pattern first. It is a circle with six symmetrically located sections (stars). There are 7 numbered rounds in it (red digit 1 through 7). Each round is shown in different color. Direction to follow the pattern, is counter clockwise.

We are going to use only three basic stitches: chain (ch), single crochet (sc), and double crochet (dc-US).

Chain ring.   Crochet 6 chains and connect them  into a ring by a slip stitch. Then we are going to follow the chart.

Round 1. There are 24 stitches in it. 23 of them are double crochets.

Hence, Ch 3 to go to the first row. Count it as a first stitch, 23 dc, slip stitch , to make a ring. (I'll remind you that if our first row would have single crochet in it, we would make ch 1 instead of ch 3.)

Round  2. There are 12 stitches in it separated by 3 chains from each other. Ch3, *ch 3, skip 2 dc, 1 dc BETWEEN 2nd and 3rd stitch *, repeat pattern from * and * 10 times more, ch 3, slip stitch to join.

Round 3. It has 12 groups of 5 dc separated by one chain. Each group of 5 dc is crocheted UNDER the arch of previous row.
Ch 3, 4 dc, *ch 1, 4 dc under arch, *repeat pattern from * and * 10 times more, ch 1,slip stitch to join.

Round 4. There are 12 arches made out 5 chains each. To the previous row they are connected by single crochets.
 *ch 5, 1 sc UNDER chain of 1,* repeat pattern from * and * 11 times more. We do not have to make slip stitch here since our last sc already closed the ring.

Round 5. We have 24 stitches in it separated by the 3-chain arches. In each arch of the previous row we have to crochet 2 dc and an arch of 3 ch between them. To begin the row, make 2 slip stitches along the arch of the previous row. It will bring you to the second chain.

From there: ch 3, ch 3, 1 dc INTO 4-th chain of arch,* ch 3 , 1 dc INTO 2-nd chain of arch, ch 3, 1 dc INTO 4-th chain of arch*, repeat pattern from * and * 10 times more, ch 3, 2 slip stitch to join.

Round 6.There are 24 5-chain arches in the row. To the previous row they are connected by single crochets.
Slip stitch to advance to the middle point of the previous row, *1 sc, ch 5*,  repeat pattern from * and * 23 times more, slip stitch to join.

Crochet in rounds.Charts

Round 7. Ch 3, 4 dc UNDER arch, ch 3, 5 dc UNDER arch, 1 sc, * ch 3, 1 sc UNDER arch, ch 3, 1 sc UNDER arch, 5 dc UNDER next arch, ch 3, 5 dc, 1 sc,*  repeat pattern from * and * 4 more times, ch 3, 1 sc, ch 3, 1sc,slip stitch to join.

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