Easy to Crochet Blanket Pattern

We are going to make a crochet blanket pattern based on the rhombus we created at  increase-a-stitch  page. To make a 3D effect, three matching colors have to be chosen. Every peace of our blanket is joined to each other according to the drawing. Let's consider what kinds of elements are necessary to make a pattern.

Crochet Blanket Pattern

There are three shapes in this pattern (see those red elements):

1. A major element is a rhombus. A chart for crocheting consists of 31 rows. Increases and decreases are made to crochet a necessary shape. Check for detailed explanation at the link above if necessary.

2. Triangle # 2. These triangles are placed at the bottom and at the top  of the crochet blanket pattern. To crochet them, we will use 1/2 of the rhombus chart. The only difference is that in the 1st row we crochet 1 single crochet instead of two sc into second after hook  chain. Remember to crochet at the end of EACH row 1 chain before you turn 180 degrees to begin next row.

3. Triangle # 3 is placed along the vertical sides of the blanket. We use the same rhombus chart, but crochet only part below horizontal red line. Triangles are 16 rows tall.

Crochet blanket patternMajor element a rhombus & side triangles.
Geometry crochet blanket. Top and bottom peaces.Top and bottom triangles.

How to Assemble a Crochet Blanket Pattern.

Once you crochet your first rhombus, you can calculate how many of them your are going to place per row depending on size of your blanket. First drawing at the top of the page shows you how the elements have to be located, to achieve a 3D effect. You can change number of rows in a chart if you wish to make a rhombus larger or smaller. Just keep in mind that number of rows in a chart has to be odd to keep it symmetrical.

Now is a fun part. How to join those elements. As usually, there are a few possible solutions. Perhaps, the easiest way is to put motifs  face to face and sew them with a needle. Another way of doing this is to use a crochet hook. It is faster but requires some accuracy to make it look neat.

When all elements are joined together according to a drawing above, your crochet blanket  still requires some minor work, to make it looks finished.

Make a Border.

Take some contrast color yarn which you did not use in your blanket yet and work around the perimeter. Crochet one single crochet in each sc or row. To make the turn on the corners, crochet 3 sc in each corner stitch. This way you will add 8 stitches  (2sc x 4 corners) to each row of border, to keep your blanket flat. Make as many rows as you like to match the size of the blanket.

Does it look like too much work but you still like that 3D look?  Here are a few possible solutions for you. -:)

Crochet blanket
Crochet blanket ideas

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