Crochet Potholder Pattern.
Unusual Filet Crocheting.

A simple crochet potholder pattern. There is nothing special about this easy to crochet potholder. From the first glance... As we know, a first glance impression can be deceiving sometimes. -:)

Crochet Potholder Pattern

To make this potholder, we can use filet  crochet mesh which we considered at filet crochet-charts page. If you wish your potholder to be a square, crochet filet mesh with extended double crochet stitches (Edc). A  rectangular shape potholder you will get with just double crochet  stitches (dc). 

How to Make Crochet Potholder Pattern.

Filet crochet technique we used for our potholder is very simple, but at the same time it has great potential. Using this technique, we can  create unique colorful patterns for  many crochet projects. From the small and simply shaped potholders, coasters, place mats, rags to peculiar unusual garments. Warm jackets, vests, sweaters, tunics, skirts, you name it.

Let's experiment a bit with filet mesh, to make our crochet potholder pattern. My original mesh is 10 x 10 blocks. See the link above. All we have to do is to take a crochet hook and in weave segments of thread into filet mesh.

Here are a few ideas about materials to inweave.

  • Regular pretty thick yarn. It can be either one string of yarn or a few of them folded together.
  • Crocheted chain of yarn. Not only it is thicker than just one string of yarn but also brings its own "pattern" being pooled through the filet blocks.
  • Different kinds of ribbons for craft.
  • Do you have some old t-shirt you feel sorry to through it away? Cut it to ribbons! It is an excellent material for these kind of projects.
Potholder PatternA few folded strings of yarn

A few more ideas about weaving.

  • Thickness of strings to weave depends on type of project you are involved. For example, out potholder is not only for beauty, but it still has to be functional. Hence, a few strings of yarn folded together or some soft and thick ribbons would be appropriate for our project.
  • If you are going to make some garment, it is much better idea to use a single string of yarn and to pool it a few times through the same blocks back and forth. Your garment will look much neater and stronger. You will not have to worry about clinging to any sharp object and  pulling out strings from your beautiful design.
Easy Potholder PatternOne string of yarn
  • Do not restrict your imagination by a single direction while weaving the strings. Even changing the number of strings in one line your create different pattern.
  • Always remember not to pull strings too tight. It will deform original shape and size of your project.

How to Finish  Crochet Potholder Pattern.

Easy Crochet Potholder Pattern

The simplest way to make it look finished, is to crochet one or two rows of single crochet stitches around perimeter. I crocheted 2 single crochets into each block of filet crochet mesh. Plus two additional Sc in every corner block. You might have to crochet 3 sc instead of 2 sc in every block depending on  kind of yarn.

Another approach to the finished look of your project is to make, for example, chain of five (5 chains on each side of potholder). To make it even more interesting, take different  color yarns and make second and third rows of the chains into the same row of single crochets. Begin each next row of chains not at the same point like the chains of the previous row, but one-two stitches to the left letting chains to overlap each other.

Hint:  For each next chain of five pull out your hook from the last (5-th) chain, put the chain over and  behind of the previous row. Insert hook in the point where the next chain begins and make a single crochet to join previous chain. It will be the first chain of the next chain of five. Once again, depending on kind of yarn you use it might be necessary to adjust number of stitches in the chains , to make them look neat.

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