Basic Crochet Stitch Instructions.

These Crochet Stitch Instructions show you only THREE basic crochet stitches:
1. Chain Stitch.
2. Single Crochet ( Double Crochet - British).
3. Double Crochet ( Treble Crochet - British) .

Does it mean that you are doomed to crochet some primitive pot scrubbers or scarfs all your life knowing only three basic stitches? Not at all!  Is it even possible to crochet something  more  interesting and attractive than a simple scarf? Sure it is! Believe my more than 30 years of experience in knitting,  crocheting, and sewing. It is really possible.

What do you have to do to make it possible? Just to follow crochet stitch instructions presented here and learn how to crochet three basic stitches. -:) Then... I'll show you how you can be  creative, to crochet glamorous things using THREE basic crochet stitches. Before we begin how to learn how to crochet them, in order to avoid typical for the new crocheters mistakes, check our crocheting for beginners recommendations.

1. Chain Stitch (ch). Crochet Stitch Instructions.

As a rule, any crochet swatch, pattern, project, and etc.  begins from the foundation chain. A foundation chain consists of  a series of chain stitches. The very beginning of the chain stitch is a slip knot. Check the link above, to make a slip knot. Or just follow the video.

Once we made a slip knot on the hook, pull the yarn from the skein through the loop on the hook as many times as many chain stitches you are planning to have in your foundation chain. Let's watch the video and practice.

Single  and double crochet stitches. What is the difference between them ? Let's compare them on the picture. You can see that a double crochet is taller than a single crochet. It means that the first stitch in the first row has to be placed:
- in the 2nd chain from your hook for single crochet. Loop on the hook is not counted.
- in the 4th chain from your hook for double crochet. Loop on the hook is not counted.

2. Crochet Stitch Instructions. Single Crochet (sc). ( Double Crochet -  British).

Step 1. Work a length of chain. For instance, like in the video below 7 chains. (Loop on the hook is not counted). It will make 6 stitches. Number of chains for single crochet is equal to the number of stitches required plus one.

Step 2. Skip the first chain stitch. Place a single crochet (sc) in the 2nd chain from the hook. Draw the yarn through the chain stitch and up onto the hook. There are 2 loops on the hook.

Step 3. Bring the yarn over hook from back to front, and draw it through both loops on the hook. There is one loop  on the hook now. You've  made one single crochet stitch. To finish the row, repeat Step 3 to the end of the row. You will have 6 single crochet stitches in the first row.

Step 4. To begin the second row, make  1 turning chain before you turn the work.  Turn the work, insert the hook into the next stitch.  Continue working 1 sc into each stitch of the previous row. Be sure, your second row has exactly 6 (six) single crochet stitches in it. (!!!)

Step 5. Finishing: cut the working yarn approximately 5-6 in long. Pull this piece through the loop on the hook.

These long description can be presented as a graphical chart. International Crochet Symbols are the special language of this chart which make them  understandable for any crocheter in the world. Here is explanation how to read crochet charts. Compare this chart and word description above to get the idea about this universal crochet language.

3. Double Crochet (dc).( Treble Crochet - British).

Here is our graphical chart for double crochet stitch. Horizontal part of the foundation chain has 8 stitches in it. Hence, there will be eight stitches in our swatch. Nevertheless, you can see that it has three more additional chains (11 stitches total- a loop on the hook is not counted) . Here is our rule for double crochets: The number of chains should be equal the number of stitches required plus three.

To understand logic of making a double crochet keep swatch, follow the video and glance at the crochet chart from time to time. The video   is very clear and helpful. (Thanks husband and wife team Wayne and Brittany Newberry  for these!).  The video demonstrates a 7-stitch swatch. In order to crochet it, 10-stitch foundation chain was crocheted.

Note: If you find there is a hole at the beginning of the rows, chain 2 instead of 3 turning chains to get the needed height. You will have to see what works best for you.

Crochet stitch instructions on this page gave you an idea about crocheting three major crochet stitches. Let's  try to make something more serious.

There are two major ways to form a crochet pattern  while crocheting.

 1. Crocheting in rows. You form a pattern following it row by row. Exactly like we did single and double crocheting on this page. Here is our  crochet for beginners instruction which show how to follow more complicated pattern row by row.

2. Crocheting in rounds technique. A pattern also begins from the foundation chain, but the first and the last chain in it are connected together making a ring. Beginners crochet instruction will guide you through this technique.

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