Easy to Crochet Stitch Patterns

How do we learn crochet stitch patterns and increase level of our crochet mastery? Have you ever wondered which way is better?
 1.You can research extensive libraries of new patterns and stitches available everywhere. If you’re aiming for perfection, you’ll be trying those patterns forever. It will certainly bring you a lot of new ideas for your projects. Unfortunately good ideas are not enough.
2. If you want to become a skilled crocheter, it’s far more effective to do a lot of simple real projects, based on basic crochet stitches. Perhaps they will not look perfect at the very beginning. Nevertheless, sooner or later your practice will bring you confidence and ability to make your own designs easily.

As I mentioned before, on this site I try to use  crochet stitch patterns based mainly on THREE basic crochet stitches:

   1.Chain Stitch
   2.Single Crochet (US) or Double Crochet (British)
   3.Double Crochet (US) or Treble Crochet (British)

Here are a few examples how creative you can be if you know not  much about crocheting but only three basic stitches. Some help about reading crochet charts is available at crochet for beginners page

Pattern # 1.

Crochet stitch patterns
Crochet stitch instructionsCrochet Spiral Fringe

Let's analyze our pattern. Crochet stitch pattern consists of chains, single and double crochets (US terminology). Except of Row 3 and Row 7 which are ended up by treble crochet stitch. Besides that there are two more elements which look like shells on the chart.

One shell has 5 double crochets in it. Another one is flipped over and has three double crochets in it. Even if you have no idea how to crochet those groups of stitches, a chart gives you clear hint what should you do.

Group of five double crochet stitches. You can see that all stitches are crocheted from the  same space. Sometimes it can be the very same stitch. For our case they are crocheted under the arch of 5 chains of the previous row. This group of stitches really has its own name. They call it five double crochet shell.

Group of three double crochet stitches. According to the chart, three  stitches are crocheted into the shell of the previous row. Then they are connected together at the top. This group of stitches they call (dc 3 tog). It means that 3 dc are turned out into one stitch. In other words we decreased two stitches in a row while doing this stitch.

You can see that a simple logic has taught you two new stitches (five double crochet shell and double crochet decrease - dc 3 tog)

Pattern # 2.

Crochet Spiral Edging (Crochet Spiral Fringe) is very popular in crocheting. It can serve as a fringe for the knitted or crochet project. With a little bit of creative thinking  you can use it for decoration of kids hats as an alternative to traditional pompom or make some brooch or other kind of embellishment.

Crochet Spiral FringeCrochet Spiral Edging
Crochet Spiral FringeCrochet Spiral Edging Chart

Our crochet stitch pattern # 2 has two rows in it.
1-st row: after 3 turning chains all doubles crochet to the end of row, 1 turning chain at the end.
2-nd row: 2 single crochet,  * chain 15-20 chain stitches, 3 turning chains. Crochet 3 double crochet in each chain. Skip two chains, 5 single crochets * Repeat from * to * as many time as many spirals you are going to crochet.

Why do we have that twisted look on each spiral? One side of each spiral element is three times shorter than opposite side. That's why element of spiral  tends to twist around a shorter side. You can regulate number of sc between spirals, number of chains in  a vertical chains, number of dc in a single chain. Everything depends on you goal. Helpful short video , to clarify the process.

Here is another challenge, to awake you creativity.-:) Every time you learn something new, try to figure out some possible new application  for the technique you've learned.

Pattern # 3

Twisted roses embellishment

Twisted roses embellishment. There is nothing new here. The very same pattern # 2 above. The very same swatch. We will just "assemble" it in a different way.

Form a rose from each spiral and sew it to the base. How should you use this final crochet stitch patterns? Number of variants is endless. Experiment!-:)

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