Easy Crochet Pattern.

Simple and easy crochet pattern. Only three basic stitches (chain, single crochet and double crochet stitch) are necessary, to make  easy to crochet projects listed on this page.

Is it really possible to crochet anything more creative than a plain and boring pot holder or simple afghan if you know how to crochet only THREE basic stitches? Yes, it is really possible. Only three basic stitches PLUS....your creativity.

First of all, there are literally zillions of beautiful easy crochet patterns. Majority  of them do not require you to be an experienced crocheter. Just THREE basic stitches. I'll add some of them at the bottom of this page.

What about creativity? Let's try to create something from scratch. This way you will understand logic of designing your own projects or redesigning some existing projects  the way you like it. Once again I'll remind you: only THREE basic stitches.

We will take this easy to crochet pattern and design a scarf. Final result can be seen below. You do not have to crochet exactly the same scarf.  Choose your own crochet pattern, and make your own design. Just follow the steps below.

Easy Crochet Pattern. Easy Crochet Scarf.

Crochet pattern for scarfPattern # 1

 Step 1. Make a gauge swatch for pattern # 1. Follow the chart. Here is help for you about reading graphical charts if necessary.

Pretty often people are trying to avoid making a gauge swatch. Sometimes it is not necessary. In the majority of cases  it saves you a lot of  time and keeps you out of frustration.

Detailed explanation about gauge swatch and how to work with it can be found at  smart-knit-crocheting . For our example there are 31 stitches in foundation chain PLUS 4 more to go to the next row. It made a swatch 7 in (app. 23 cm) wide.

Step 2. Choose a pattern  # 2 to decorate ends of a scarf. I choose a pattern which we considered at beginners-crochet page. This time instead of crocheting a complete circle  I crocheted only 1/2 of it. Here is the result. It does not look nice for now... Let's make it prettier.

Part which is going to be connected to pattern # 1 is 9 in (app. 23 cm) wide. While swatch #1 is only 7 in/ 18 cm wide. To make our patterns match each other, we have to add 23 cm - 18 cm = 5 cm to the chart for pattern #1. On my swatch a shell (see the chart and swatch) is 5.5 cm wide. To crochet one shell, 7 stitches are necessary.

To accommodate an additional shell and to keep the pattern #1 symmetrical, our foundation chain has to have 37 st+ 4 st = 41 st.

Crochet scarf decorationPattern # 2

Step 3. Crochet 37 double crochets ( US term) along the side of a half-circle PLUS 4 ch more for turning chain to the next row. This way we will make number of stitches necessary for pattern # 1 and our edging looks neat.

Easy crochet scarf pattern

Step 4. Follow chart for pattern # 1 for desirable length of the scarf.

Step 5. Crochet decorative edging for the second end. Join edging to the scarf in the last row as you go.

Step 6. Finishing a scarf. Usually opened edges of crocheting do not look very accurate. Traditional way to make them look neat is crocheting one row of single crochet stitches around the edges. For our case edging is necessary only along the straight edges.

My favorite kind of edging is crab stitch. It looks quite decorative and at the same time looks very neat with any kind of crochet pattern.

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