Filet Crochet Butterfly Pattern.

For some reason this filet crochet butterfly pattern reminded me a process of playing solitaire - a popular card game. Every time designing filet crochet charts it feels like playing solitaire.-:)

Card after card... Sorry, stitch after stitch ... It is the same quiet and spellbinding process in both cases. Mix some creativity and imagination, add a little bit of luck and you have your somewhat unpredictable result at the end. -:)

Today, as usually, we are going to use only  basic crochet stitches, to design our butterfly pattern.   We already mentioned, that majority of those fancy crochet stitches is only variation of three basic crochet stitches.  In filet crocheting traditionally only two of them are necessary: double crochet (US) and chain. They create a filet crochet mesh consisting of solid and open blocks.

Filet Crochet Butterfly Pattern

Nevertheless, if you look at our filet crochet butterfly pattern, in its lower part besides regular 4-dc mesh cells you will notice some blocks, which have much greater openings than traditional blocks.

This kind of blocks we call LACET STITCH. Is it something new? Not at all. It is still variation of three basic crochet stitches. Not only lacet stitch looks pretty decorative to compare to simple open and solid blocks, but it is an excellent way to bring additional  charm to pattern and to highlight  parts of the filet crochet pattern, make them more visible.

How to Crochet Lacet Stitch.

Lacet stitch

As usually, there are a few possible ways of crocheting it. We will consider the most popular one.

Each block in 4-dc  filet crochet mesh consists of four stitches:

  • Solid block: dc, dc, dc, dc.
  • Open block: dc, skip 2, chain 2, dc.

Lacet stitch covers area which is four times greater than a  regular block area.

Lets' follow the chart. Look at that cross in the middle. Its splits area in quarters. Area of one lacet stitch is equal to  2 blocks x 2 blocks = 4 sq. blocks.

 Lower two quarters of the stitch we crochet in the first row while upper two quarters - in the second row.

To keep proper count of stitches

Each lacet stitch is  SEVEN stitches wide in each row. TWO open or solid blocks of the regular 4-dc mesh are equal to SEVEN stitches too.

Row 1. One double crochet, chain 3, skip 2, single crochet in the third chain, chain 3,  skip 2, double crochet in the third chain after single crochet. 

Row 2. One double crochet in the top of dc in the row below, chain 5, skip 5, one double crochet in the top of dc in the row below.

Filet Crochet Butterfly Pattern

Filet crochet butterfly pattern chart.

Our pattern has 27 solid blocks in the first row and 26 rows total.
When we read any crochet charts first row is always located at the very bottom.

Odd numbered rows we read from left to right. After we finish odd row we turn our work 180 degrees and follow the pattern reading it from right to left.

Row 1. To make 27 solid blocks in the first row, chain 27 x 3. Crochet three more chains for turning chain, count turning chain as a first double crochet for the first solid block, Crochet 3 dc in 4-th, 5-th and 6-th chains after your hook. First solid block is ready. For every next solid block crochet 3 dc to the end of the row. Chain 3 for turning chain.

Row 2. Make 3dc after turning chain for the first solid block. 3 lacet stitches (see instruction above for crocheting them), 1 open block, 4 solid blocks,  3 open blocks, 4 solid blocks, 1 open block, 3 lacet stitches, 1 solid block, chain 3 for turning chain.

If your need more instructions about following crochet charts, check our filet crochet patterns page.

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