Filet Crochet Flowers Patterns.

Filet crochet flowers presented here are based on filet crochet pattern of a circle which we considered before. A circle insert crocheted as an element of a filet mesh is an excellent beginning to awake your creativity.

How can we use this element? Here are just a few ideas.

  •  Its clear and neat design  looks great by itself being introduced into a filet crochet mesh as a background. Crochet circles in rows or columns, make small groups of them, locate them along design lines of your garment (sleeves, cuffs, hem, coquette, and so on). You can even change their look if some contrast color yarn or thread is chosen, to crochet them. Body of a circle is pretty dense. Hence, you will not have too much troubles hiding those annoying yarn ends inside of a circle body.
  •  Another way to use our base circle has even more variants to consider. Everybody becomes excited looking at Irish crochet designs. The  best samples of Irish crocheting are not actually crochet work, but real art. As any art work it requires certain talent and creativity , to make it look proper.

Our base circle can be a perfect alternative, to imitate Irish crochet designs. One of the major elements in Irish crochet is a flower. Many flowers, different forms and shapes. Very often central part of a flower begins from a circle similar to our circle in a filet mesh. Number of variants to design a crochet flower with a circle in it is really endless. Let's try just a couple of them.

At the same time crochet circle as an element of a filet crochet mesh is an excellent base unit for imitating Irish crochet designs since many charts for crocheting flowers in it begin just from simple basic circle similar to our circle,

How to Make Filet Crochet Flowers.

Flower # 1

Filet Crochet 3D flower
Filet Crochet Chart for  3D flowerChart for filet crochet flower # 1
Filet Crochet  3D 1 row flower

Let's begin from the simplest 3D flower. First of all you will have to crochet a base (see the link at the top of page). Our base circle has 20 dc (double crochets) in it. To be exact, 19 dc and chain of 3 which we consider a first dc.

To make 3D flower, turn a circle right side toward you and crochet counter clockwise 3 - 5 dc in every one of 20 dc. This way petal part of flower will have 60 - 100 dc in it. Slip stitch, to close the row.

Number of stitches crocheted in each dc depends on type of yarn and number of hook you use. Fewer dc for thick and more dc for thin yarn.

Flower # 2.

These filet crochet flowers are based on the same circle. It is a little bit more complicated than previous one since we have to crochet TWO rows around the circle.You already have a base circle crocheted.  Turn it RIGHT side toward you, work rows counter clockwise.

Chart for filet crochet flower 1-st rowChart for the first row.
Variant 2 filet crochet flowerFirst row is finished
Filet Crochet Flowers

Row 1.  (brown color) Flower is symmetrical and has four petals. First row is a base for crocheting petals. Follow the chart.
 * 4 single crochets (sc) in double crochets of a central circle, (keep symmetry!), chain 2, 1 single crochet  EXACTLY in the corner of filet mesh (point D), chain 2 *. Repeat from * to * three more times passing points C, B, and A. Slip stitch to close the row.

Chart for filet crochet flowersChart for two rows

Row 2. (blue color on the chart) Turn your work WRONG side toward you, crochet counter clockwise.
 * 5 double crochets under chain of 2, chain 3, 5 double crochets under  the next chain of 2, 1 single crochet between 2-nd and 3-rd single crochets of the  previous row.*  First petal is ready.
Repeat from * to * three more times for three more petals. Slip stitch to close the row.

As I've already mentioned, number of  filet crochet flowers you can design, is practically endless. Just make your  filet crochet insert as a circle and let your creative imagination bring you new ideas.

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