Filet Crochet Pattern.

Traditional filet crochet pattern is a simple combination of solid and open blocks. Each open block  consists of some tall stitches (usually double or treble crochet) and a few chains between them.

Filet FCrochet Pattern. Circle in a Filet Mesh

Number of chains depends on kind of tall stitch we use. For solid blocks, each chain has to be substituted by the same number of tall stitches. Pretty simple. Only two stitches you have to know in order to create your unique filet crochet designs. 

Filet crochet pattern looks pretty lacy, but at the same time  structure of the filet crochet fabric is relatively stiff and unlike many other crocheted fabric tends to keep its shape perfectly, providing neat look for years.

Despite of its simplicity, filet crocheting  inherent numerous unique opportunities to modify somewhat plain geometrical character of fabric crocheted in this technique.
Our today project demonstrates how to add additional charm to filet crochet pattern in  simple and easy way. . We are going to crochet a circle as part of a filet crochet mesh. How can we use it in our designs? Here are a few ideas only.

Scatter  circles over your mesh any way you wish and your garment will look like nobody else's. It can be a complete dress, sweater, skirt or just part of it (coquette, sleeve, cuffs or just inserts along the sides of your jacket).

At the same time crochet circle as an element of a filet crochet mesh is an excellent base unit for imitating Irish crochet designs since many charts for crocheting flowers in it begin just from simple basic circle.

How to Crochet Filet Crochet Pattern with Circle.

Filet crochet circle chartChart for crocheting

Let's analyze our chart first. Filet crochet mesh is created by crocheting tr (treble crochets) and three chains between them. There are four blocks per row and 4 rows total.

For odd rows we read  chart from  right to left , for even numbered rows - from left to right. (Follow arrows! ) Circle itself is placed in the very middle of pattern and covers four cells. For foundation chain  crochet  24 chains.

Picture below is showing you direction of crocheting (its logic) from row to row.  Nevertheless, use chart above , to follow stitch diagram description.

Direction of crocheting

Row 1. * 1 tr (treble crochet) in 12 chain from your hook, skip 3, chain 3*. Repeat *1 tr, skip 3, ch 3 *  3 times, 1 tr at the end of row.

Row 2. Ch 7, 1 tr in treble crochet of the previous row. Chain 5, 1 double crochet in 3rd chain. At the end of  5 chains you have a loop (see chart). Top part of that loop is created by 2 chains, lower by 1 double crochet. The loop is a base for our circle.

Crochet a circle. It is located on the area of FOUR blocks. There are 20 double crochets in our circle. We will crochet them counterclockwise inside the loop.

Lower part of the circle. Chain 3 (consider it as a first dc), 4 dc, slip stitch in the top of the middle  treble crochet of the first row, 5 dc, slip stitch, to connect lower half  to the mesh.

Top part of a circle. 10 dc, slip stitch, to close the circle, 1 tr in the top of treble crochet in the first row. Chain 3, 1 tr.

Row 3. Chain 7, 1 tr, chain 3, slip stitch between 5-th and 6-th dc, to connect to the circle, ch 3, 1 tr in the tr , ch 3, skip 3, 1 tr.

Row 4. Like Row 1.

Modifying filet  patterns is a lot of fun. Techniques are mostly easy like filet crochet itself, but they inspire your creativity and can bring unexpected results.   We will continue our research -:).

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