How to Increase a Stitch or Decrease a Stitch.

Increase a stitch in crocheting simply means that to the current row one or a few stitches will be added to compare to the previous row. To decrease a stitch, means that current row has fewer stitches versus the previous row.

Where should we do those increases/decreases? It depends on kind of pattern you are going to crochet. Increase or  decrease the number of stitches in a row, can be done at the beginning, at the end or inside the row.

The length of the row that has more stitches versus the previous row, will be greater, Hence, increasing or decreasing number of stitches in a row we can change a shape of our crochet items.

How to increase a stitch  in a single crochet row?

Let's practice. For the beginning we are going to crochet this rhombus. I usually prefer not to waste my time for the "useless"  pattern swatches. -:) That's why we will make this design units - a diamond.

Being perfectly flat, it makes 3D optical illusion due to the different color of its "faces".  There are a lot of crochet projects where this element can be used. Blankets, covers for chair, bedspreads, pot holders, and etc.

Decreas a stitch in single crochey row.

As usually on this site, we are going to use only basic crochet stitches . Graphical chart shows you complete description of the  process to be done. Our pattern has 31 rows to crochet. In case you prefer to have a smaller size of rhombus, decrease number of rows. To keep a  pattern symmetrical, number of rows always has to be an odd number.

Pattern begins from 2 single crochets worked into second after hook  chain.  Every new row begins from one turning chain since all rows consist of single crochets only.  There are a few ways to add  a stitch to the row.

We are going to add 1 stitch at the end of each row on the 1st half of the rhombus. In order to make those increases,in the last stitch of each row we will crochet 2 sc .  This way every next row will have 1 more stitch more than a previous one.

On the 2nd half of the rhombus we will make decreases.  Every row ends  with crocheting 2 single crochets together (sc2tog).  Each next row has 1 stitch fewer than a previous row. We make "decrease a stitch" operation.

How to decrease the number of  stitches in a row.

There are different methods of working decreases. In our case we are going to make decreases at the end of the row. To make a single crochet decrease at the end of the row:

Step 1: Start decrease one stitch BEFORE the last stitch of the row.
Step 2: Work the stitch up to the last yarn over, leaving two loops on the hook.
Step 3: Insert hook into NEXT stitch, work the stitch up to the last yarn over. There are THREE loops on the hook.
Step 4: Yarn over, draw through ALL 3 LOOPS on the hook. This creates a decrease, as you've used up two stitches and only one stitch left on the hook.

Now let's try to find some useful application for our optical illusion - a "3D cube" based on a simple method "increase a stitch/ decrease a stitch". Our hard work has to be rewarded. Here is one example what can be done if you use only single crochet (sc) and chain stitch (ch). Easy to crochet blanket pattern .

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