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Recent Articles

  1. How to Increase a Stitch or Decrease a Stitch. Crocheting.

    Sep 11, 16 03:35 PM

    Increase a stitch in crocheting simply means that current row has more stitches to compare to the previous row. Great ideas for easy crochet.

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  2. Filet Crochet Butterfly Pattern. Lacet Stitch.

    Sep 11, 16 03:16 PM

    Easy to make filet crochet butterfly pattern. Only three basic crochet stitches are used in filet crochet charts to crochet.

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  3. Crochet Magazine "Duplet". July 2016

    Aug 11, 16 11:58 AM

    Russian magazine DupletRussian magazine DupletModern Russian language Crochet Magazine "Duplet" with a lot of patterns and pictures (color and BW). July 2016 issue. FREE shipping worldwide! Look inside, video tour is attached!

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